Bed Bug Heat Treatment

in Lafayette, Indianapolis, and surrounding areas

Cochnower Pest Control specializes in bed bug heat treatments. Our bed bug specialists keep up to date with the latest techniques in the industry and have the option of heat to use in conjunction with our conventional bed bug service methods. Our bed bug heat treatment system that has been proven successful at removing insecticide-resistant bed bugs from your home and business.

How does our bed bug heat service work?

Cochnower Pest Control often gets questions about how our bed bug heat service works. A lot of our clients express concern about the heat treatment damaging their belongings. With our bed bug heat treatment you do not have to worry about damage to your property! One of our bed bug specialists will monitor the treatment with a real time wireless monitoring system to ensure the process goes smoothly.

The monitoring system will allow our bed bug specialist to monitor the heat that will be discharged in your home or business. Our bed bug heat treatment system discharges heat in all four directions at your floor level. This system works differently than other bed bug heat treatment systems because of this key feature. All other heaters discharge heat in only one direction.

Another question that we frequently get is how long does a typical treatment take? There are a lot of factors that effect how long a bed bug heat treatment takes. Treatment times vary depending on size of your home or business, level of infestation, and etc. On average, treatment time varies between 6-8 hours.

We recommend that you call Cochnower Pest Control to learn more about our bed bug heat treatment option in Lafayette, Indianapolis, and the surrounding areas, (765) 447-7502!