Defend Your Lafayette Home Against an Insect Invasion

Defend Your Lafayette Home Against an Insect Invasion

Trust your extermination needs to Cochnower Pest Control

Whether you have spiders encroaching on your property or your pantry is full of bugs, you need a comprehensive solution to resolve your insect issues. Take care of it by calling the professional exterminators at Cochnower Pest Control.

Since 1943, we’ve helped Lafayette, IN homeowners enjoy pest-free living by eliminating:

• Spiders
• Pantry pests
• Pill bugs
• Silverfish
• Rodents
• Termites
• Bed bugs
• Cockroaches
• Millipedes
• Earwigs
• Cockroaches
• Centipedes
• Ants

We’re more than your average pest management company. Cochnower Pest Control works to be a resource for the community by providing comprehensive knowledge of the industry. Come by our retail shop to find a DIY option for your minor spider or ant problems, or sign up for our maintenance plan to have a pest-free home all year long – guaranteed!

Regardless of how extensive your insect infestation may be, you’ll find superior treatment solutions at Cochnower Pest Control of Lafayette, IN. Choose our professional exterminator and enjoy a home free of pesky critters.

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