Beautiful blue house on a sunny day. Home exterior.: Beautiful blue house on a sunny day. Home exterior.

Our Lafayette based pest control company starts to see an increase in phone calls across the Lafayette area including in Indianapolis for box elder bugs in the fall. Box elder bugs infestations start to become more prevalent during this time because these pests are slowly starting their migration inside for the winter months.

Box elder bugs typically do not bite humans or transmit diseases, but this does not mean that their presence on the outside of your Lafayette home or business should be overlooked. This pest is known to be a nuisance pest because they can cause damage to your home, business, and landscaping.

Our pest control company provides box elder bug prevention and removal services Lafayette and the surrounding areas including Indianapolis. We recommend that if you see a pest that resembles a box elder bug that you contact our pest control experts immediately. It is important to stop box elder bugs from multiplying and working their way into your home or business. Call our pest control company today to learn more about our box elder bug removal services, (765) 447-7502!