As a home health care service provider you will have home health care providers in and out of the office throughout the day. Your home health care providers are coming back and forth between their home and their client’s homes.

It is important that you have an official protocol in place to protect your Lafayette, Indianapolis, or other area office environment from pest problems such as bed bugs. Below are some tips and tricks that our pest control company recommends that you follow to avoid a beg bug infestation at the office:

  • Home health care providers should not be allowed back in the office after client visits without changing into fresh clothing.
  • Any personal items must remained in sealed bags or containers or left in the provider’s vehicle.
  • Have a centralized sheet where all health care service providers can keep record of which clients have beg bugs.

Hopefully these recommendations will get your office thinking about bed bug protocol and policies. As always it is important that bed bug infestations are handled sooner rather than later by a professional. Our pest control company would be happy to provide you with bed bug removal services and educate you on ways to avoid bed bug infestations in the future.