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Are Rodents Really a Threat?

The simple answer is, yes. Most people do not know that 29% of Americans have had a rodent problem at some point. These rodents can be very dangerous threats to your home or business because they spread diseases and can cause structural damage to your building. It is vital that you call a pest control expert if you notice signs of rodents which include:

• Droppings
• Noises
• Damaged food packages

Typically rodent problems become more prevalent during the winter months because of cooler weather. A recent study found that 45% of rodent problems occur during fall and winter. It is not hard for rodents to find their way into your home or business. Rats can fit in a space the size of a quarter and mice can fit in a space as small as a dime!

If you think that you might have a rodent problem then contact the pest control experts at Cochnower Pest Control by calling us at (765) 447-7502!